Ernest Kohl :: The Importance Of Being

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1. Overture To Ernest - Moment To Moment (Tan Yer Hyde LP Mix) 4:36
2. The Importance Of Being (Original Mix) 7:36
3. Change (Tom Moulton Progressive Soul Mix) 3:21
4. Love Changes (Tom Moulton Mix) 3:54
5. Love Has Taken Over (Tom Moutlon Mix) 4:05
6. Only You (Tornado Club Mix) 7:08
7. Fugutive Of Love (duet with Ms. Phoebe Snow) 6:20
8. I Still Love You 4:58
9. Set Your Spirit Free (Stephen L. Freeman LP Mix) 6:03
10. You Make Me Weak 4:28
11. Live It Up (Stephen L. Freeman Excite LP Mix) 6:31
12. This Is The Moment - Moment To Moment Suite (The Momentum Club Mix) 8:34
13. Lay Down My Life (Stephen L. Freeman LP Mix) 6:17

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