Ernest Kohl :: Hits!

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In celebration of the 20th anniversary of entertaining the world! Sony/REDance/EMG Music Inc. is proud to release this brand new collection of Ernest kohls greatest hits. This collection acknowledges that he has a TOP TEN record every year since 1985 (somewhere on the globe). "Hits!" features new remixes of 2 of Ernest's greatest hits. "Only You 2005" named best dance remake of the year and a perinnial crowd favorite "Sooner or Later" (remixed exclusively for for this edition).

Digital Download:$9.98


1. All I Know (UK Extended Club Mix) 8:58
2. Only You (UK Extended Club Mix) 8:46
3. You Make Me Weak (X-Mix Club Remix) 7:17
4. Don't You Want My Love (Ek's Club Mix) 8:29
5. Stomp (Ek's Party Mix) 8:21
6. Follow Your Heart (Extended Club Mix) 8:39
7. I Think I Love You (Original Club Mix) 5:58
8. Our Love Is Here To Stay (Last Laugh Club Mix) 7:55
9. Sooner Or Later (Extended Club Remix) 7:23
10. Happy New Year! (Pop Yer Cork Club Mix) 6:32

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